PR Campaigns

Currently markengold PR is working on the long-term PR campaign for the University of Applied Sciences Europe under the motto “Where great stories begin”.

PR campaigns for your big moment

Our focus as a PR agency lies on generating positive media coverage for our clients. A long-term PR campaign is an additional tool, besides regular PR activities and measures, for communicating the companies’ messages to the media and building stronger brand awareness.

Public Relations campaigns can be executed as a stand-alone communication tool or in addition to an advertising or a marketing campaign.

Lasting impact

Campaigns can be a very powerful “self-assertion” tool if executed correctly. Every successful campaign requires designing a witty and original concept in accordance to journalistic quality standards. Adapting the learnings from the client, their product and the market in general is all the more important when creating an original content and theme.  

The successful execution requires not only a perfect theme, but also a good “script”: Which media gets what content and which campaign participants play which role in the process. By closely monitoring the media coverage of specific campaign-related topics we can evaluate which journalist might get interested in our campaign content. For this purpose, we personally pitch ideas and campaign-related content to the most relevant editors, only then we do a large-scale distribution of content. In the process and if needed we can customize and change the campaign content to fit into the (new) media agenda.

Another possibility to distribute campaign content is through content marketing.

Our services:

  • Concept
  • Strategic development
  • Developing communication guidelines and wording
  • Topic search and development of a campaign theme
  • Co-work with a marketing agency
  • Coordination between (international) agencies and partner agencies
  • Connections to a wide network of German journalists and distribution of campaign content over customized mailing lists
  • Implementation / Agenda Setting
  • Design and Execution of surveys and researches to a selected campaign topic
  • Finding testimonials and reference personas for your campaign („Testimonialscouting“)
  • Media Relations
  • Issue Management
  • Statement PR
  • Press Releases
  • Arranging interviews and bylines
  • Content Creation and Marketing (blog posts, advertorials and sponsored articles, social media posts)
  • Campaign Monitoring

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