Next to classic surveys, quick polls (or short surveys) are a short-term and inexpensive tool for making your content newsworthy and generating media interest by using up-to-date numbers and statistics.

Effective tool

Short surveys are usually being executed straight through the company’s own marketing  channels such as newsletter or the corporate or product website. All the same the short survey can take place at the point of sale.

Depending on how big or renowned the company is, the short survey can even feature a representative sample which increases even more the newsworthiness of the resulting content. By generating facts- and numbers-based content we trigger the coverage on the topic. Common „side effects“ are the even bigger coverage and journalistic reports on the company and its subject, even when these are not directly related to the topic of the survey.

Our servies:

  • Concept, design and programming of short surveys
  • Execution and evaluation
  • Developing insights out of the results
  • Writing press releases based on the insights and learnings
  • Arranging exclusive coverage

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